Now travel directly from Jharkhand to Goa via Indian Railways' new weekly train service!

Now travel directly from Jharkhand to Goa via Indian Railways' new weekly train service!

The new Jasidih-Vasco Da Gama Express is pegged to revive domestic tourism.

In a bid to revive tourism, The Indian Railways introduced a direct train from Jharkhand to Goa on Tuesday. As per reports, train number 06398 Jasidih-Vasco Da Gama Express was virtually flagged off on September 28, by the Railway Minister. This new service will enable easy Goa travel for all those people from Jharkhand who used to drop their vacation plans to the coastal state, due to the unavailability of direct commute.

The train received a grand welcome at the Ranchi railway station

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Bringing ease of commute to travellers and explorers, the Goa-Jharkhand inaugural special train started its journey from the Jasidih station in the Deoghar district of Jharkhand on Tuesday. Its arrival in the capital city of Ranchi was marked by a grand welcome at around 9 PM. Going by reports, the train was flagged off for the Vasco Da Gama railway station in Goa from the Ranch Railway Station, in the presence of the parliamentary dignitaries who attended the celebratory event.

Ayush Jaiswal, a resident of Jharkhand said, "Goa is my favourite travel destination as it has wonderful beaches and welcoming shacks. Since I am afraid to travel in flights, I had no other way to travel to Goa except rail and the new train will help me reach my dream vacation spot."

The train will be operational once a week

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According to reports, the train will be run as a weekly service to Goa, every Tuesday. As per the route and schedule, the train journey with begin at 1 PM from Jasidih, and route through Bokaro, Rourkela, Bilaspur and Secunderabad to reach distance in the 'Party hub of India' at around 2:30 PM the next day. The train travel thus will stretch for about 13.5 hours approximately, one way.

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