Goa unlocks a ₹300 crore jackpot to celebrate its 60th Liberation Day anniversary

Goa unlocks a ₹300 crore jackpot to celebrate its 60th Liberation Day anniversary

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Goa has received an unexpected bonanza in the 2021-2022 budget in the form of the ₹300 crores announced by Union Finance Minister for the celebrations of the state's 60 years of liberation from Portuguese rule. This hefty sum has been granted in response to the repeated requests of the Goa CM for allocation of ₹100 crores for the same. As per the statement issued by the office of Chief Minister, the amount will be used for the celebration of the event across the country and restoration of places which are of great importance in Goa's history.

Windfall Allocation for Goa's Liberation Anniversary

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The year 2021 marks 60 years of Goa's Liberation from the autocracy of Portuguese Colony, which is said to have control over the sunshine state for 451 years, before the region was liberated by the Indian armed forces on December 18, 1961. Standing as one of the newer states of the Indian political and state mapping, Goa's borders cage an area of 914,800 acres, housing several places of historical significance. Several of these are in dire need of restoration, which will now be made possible through the allocation of the windfall allocation to the state by the Union Ministry of Finance. This allocation is a means to serve the purpose of Goa's growth and development, a step forward to realise the dream of an Aatmanirbhar Bharat or a self-reliant India.

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