Zuari Bridge in Goa to remain shut for three hours on April 3

Zuari Bridge in Goa to remain shut for three hours on April 3

Goa's Zuari Bridge on NH66 to shut down from 6 AM to 9 AM on April 3 for routine maintenance work

Zuari Bridge in Goa will shut down traffic movement for three hours on April 3 (Sunday) to conduct routine maintenance work. As per a PWD executive engineer, the bridge on NH66 will shut down from 6 AM to 9 AM to carry out the work related to the recording of deck levels here. Officials have opted for an early hour and weekend schedule to ensure that travellers' are not inconvenienced, read reports.

Recording deck levels is essential to ensure bridge safety: PWD

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Since the Zuari Bridge, connecting North and South Goa will be closed for traffic, vehicles on this route will be diverted to the Borim Bridge. Commuters will also be able to cross over from Cortalim to Agasaim by ferry boats across the Zuari River, PWD officials said. The shutdown will be lifted once the recording of the deck levels of the bridge is completed.

As explained by the PWD, recording is one of the key practices to ensure the safety of a bridge. It is usually conducted two times a year. The pre-stressed cantilever Zuari Bridge has started showing signs of distress due to corrosion, in just 30 years of installation. This has moved the PWD to run regular inspections for the safety of commuters.

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