Goa's latest electric mobility projects to reduce CO2 emissions in the state by 5,000 tonnes

The incentive scheme, being implemented by the state government, would aid in boosting the project.
Goa's latest electric mobility projects to reduce CO2 emissions in the state by 5,000 tonnes

Goa has been working relentlessly towards the conservation of its rich environment and natural heritage. Adding to the innovative schemes implemented by the state government, the Minister of Power, Environment, New & Renewable Energy and Law & judiciary has announced new electric mobility projects for Goa. The electricity-powered vehicles are being introduced as a part of the state's initiative to get rid of 60,000 old petrol and diesel-run vehicles.

Project to reduce 10% of the polluting vehicles on roads in the state

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According to reports, a total of the first 10,000 electric two-wheelers will be sold in the state under the latest clean mobility venture, offering an array of incentives. It is expected that this project would lead to a reduction in 5,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions and the number of polluting vehicles on the roads in the state would be lessened by almost 10%. Thereby, it would be conducive towards benefitting the state's green ecosystem.

Reportedly, the initiative is being executed by Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL), a Government of India company and it is proposed that the two-wheelers would also be modified to be powered by solar energy. Facilitating the users of the inventive vehicles, the state government has already started working on measures to establish public charging system across the state.

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Among the incentives offered by the new scheme, the cash incentive structure allowing easy buyback option usually seen with a retail of mobile phones is a highlight. Additionally, no registration cost would be levied on the new vehicles and a subsidy will be given that would aid the user in getting an economical lease.

Two-wheelers account for 70% of Goa's total vehicle count

The minister informed that Goa has nearly 2 million two-wheelers that make for around 70% of the state's vehicle count. The current initiative, being implemented by CESL, attempts to transform them into e-bikes. Powered by electricity, the re-invented vehicles would be eco-friendly and account for an important step in the state government's sustainable development goals. The state has multiple charging stations and it is expected to have more soon.

In the current scenario, when our natural resources are facing various threats, such initiatives aimed at conservation become the need of the hour. It is only when we learn to harness renewable resources that an environment-friendly development is possible.

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