IMD issues Orange Alert in Goa from June 11-13

IMD issues Orange Alert in Goa from June 11-13

Monsoon spells to intensify in Goa.

The Indian Meteorological Department has raised an orange grade rain alert in Goa, from June 11 to 13 to ensure the state's preparedness for the upcoming intense southwest monsoon activity. From today onwards, the coastal state is expected to be washed by very heavy to extremely heavy rains. As per forecasts, this condition will stretch for a week here. The IMD will also keep precautionary tabs on areas prone to flooding and landslides to mitigate the calamity impact in case of an emergency.

Monsoon spell to intensify in Goa

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The southwest monsoon winds are expected to intensity along the coast of Goa, bringing significant showers to here from today. As per the met department, this heavy rain whip will be propelled by the 'well-marked' low-pressure phenomenon developed over the Bay of Bengal and surrounding areas. Consequently, the monsoon winds will strengthen along the length of India's western coast, carrying abundant rainfall to Goa and neighbouring regions.

The showers will cover this belt for the next 5 to 6 days as per the forecasts. During this period, heavy to very heavy rainfall (115.6-204.4mm in 24 hours) is anticipated to cast a scattered downpour in Goa. As per reports, isolated, extremely heavy showers (higher than 204.4 mm in 24 hours) will hit the state from June 12 onwards. The IMD scientists stated that the department will continuously monitor the situation and share successive updates, accordingly.

The weather department has stated that strong winds, at the speed of around 40kmph will accompany the downpours. Thus, alerts have also been issued to surveil and raise precaution against rainfall calamities, such as landslide and flooding.

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