New guidelines issued for citizens travelling to Goa from Kerela!

New guidelines issued for citizens travelling to Goa from Kerela!

As per the fresh restrictions issued by the government of Goa, institutional quarantine is compulsory for students and workers arriving from Kerala

Keeping in mind the rising COVID cases in Kerala, the government of Goa issued fresh guidelines on Sunday for the incoming travellers from the southern state. As per the order, 5-day quarantine is now mandatory for all those who are entering the state, from Kerala. In addition to this, for the incoming students and workers from Kerala, institutional quarantine of 5 days is now obligatory upon arrival in the coastal state.

Negative RT-PCR mandatory for those arriving from Kerala

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As per the order issued by the state government, those arriving from Kerala will be allowed to enter the state only if they have a negative RT-PCR report along with the following additional conditions. According to the new guidelines, students and workers entering Goa from Kerala will be subjected to institutional quarantine which will be facilitated by their respective educational institutions and offices or factories.

5-day quarantine post entering Goa now inescapable!

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The guidelines issued by the state government late on Sunday night read, "The students/employees coming from Kerala shall be subject to institutional quarantine of five days. The arrangements for the quarantine for students will be done by the administrators/principals of educational institutions, for employees, it shall be done by respective offices/companies/firms."

Further, the order also stated, "At the end of five days, they shall be tested by RT-PCR. Arrivals from Kerala other than students and employees should produce RT-PCR negative test reports and should be in home quarantine for five days,"

Exemption from the restrictions

Constitutional functionaries along with health care professionals and their spouses, patients with medical emergencies or individuals visiting Goa on the account of a death in the family are also excused from the above-mentioned curtailments. All the children aged less than two are also exempted from these limitations as well.

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