TTAG proposes measures for pandemic management as Goa gears up to welcome tourists

TTAG proposes measures for pandemic management as Goa gears up to welcome tourists

Hunar Haat, Sunburn and entertainment events stand cancelled till March 2022 as a preventive measure.

With the second surge of the pandemic ebbing across Goa, the state is slowly opening its gates for tourists. However, efforts towards better pandemic management are being ensured this time around by enforcing strict protocols for tourists.

In this regard, special quarantine centres are expected to be functional for tourists which will also act as a safety net for citizens of Goa. Other requests, apart from cancelling mass events like the Sunburn Festival, have been sent to the state government via a letter by the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa.

'Super-spreader' events suspended till March 2022

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The iconic nightlife has beckoned tourists within the premises of the sunshine state since time immemorial. However, in an attempt to showcase Goa beyond parties, high-capacity events like EDM (electronic dance music) festivals are being put off until March 2022.

Moreover, Hunar Haat, Sunburn and other religious or entertainment events also stand cancelled as they are noted as "super-spreaders". This decision has been taken jointly by the Goa Tourism Ministry and Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG), one of the state's oldest industry stakeholders.

Demands by TTAG to ensure tourist safety

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To ensure the safety of tourists visiting Goa, TTAG has requested the government to secure enough oxygen beds, testing centres, emergency response teams and other facilities that can provide timely treatment in unprecedented circumstances. Hight traffic locations like beaches, religious institutes, monuments, casinos and cruise boats, among others, must display signs urging tourists to follow COVID-appropriate behaviour.

Their letter has also called for setting up special quarantine centres near entry points, such as the airport, railway and main bus stands. It has also been asked that strict entry protocols should be enforced at such points and officers in charge should be held accountable for any mistake or negligence of duty. Further, TTAG expects that all tourism-related businesses will be mandated to ensure functioning up to only 50 to 75 per cent of their carrying capacity, for the next six months.

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