Unlock 4 in Goa: Highest number of coronavirus cases reported for the 3rd consecutive day

Unlock 4 in Goa: Highest number of coronavirus cases reported for the 3rd consecutive day

Goa records its highest tally of 713 coronavirus cases on Thursday

The nationwide Unlock 4 has brought an increased coronavirus caseload in Goa. The state has been recording an increase in the number of cases daily, since the imposition of the fourth phase of Unlock. With a record high, 713 cases in a single day on Thursday, Goa's total case tally mounts over 19,555 with a burden of 403 active cases. On Wednesday, the state had registered 636 cases, while on Tuesday, 588 persons had tested positive.

Goa in troubled waters

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The state recently opened up its borders, restaurants and bars with the effect of the nationwide Unlock 4. However, this has increased troubles and caseload for the state, as the number of cases daily are witnessing a surge since Day 1 of the graded unlock.

The testing capacity of the state has been recorded at 2,651 samples a day, which are returning an average of 24% positive results since the last three days. This shooting caseload can be pinned directly on the relaxations and ease of movement allowed in Goa since September 1. The negative yield of Unlock 4 has resulted in the active tally crossing the 4,782 mark, where 212 persons have succumbed to the infection of the virus. 20 out of these fatalities were recorded in the last 3 days of Unlock 4 in the state. Though the state has reported a steady recovery rate of 74% with 14,361 total recoveries, the sudden rise is expected to bring more troubles.

Knock Knock

The Unlock 4 has licensed and legitimised movement and operations in the city but that does not imply that the rapid transmission rate or the threat of the highly potent virus has been dealt with. People visiting Goa and locals are requested to follow all safety and health protocols along with the government issued SOPs. Any callousness at this point, when social meetings and movements have increased, could result into mighty troubles for the State.

-With Inputs from IANS

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