All schools & educational institutes in Goa to remain closed till July 31

Teachers to mentor students through phone calls and online teaching programs

All educational institutions in Goa will remain closed till July 31 in lieu of the rapid increase in the transmission of coronavirus in the state. With about 1549 active cases, Goa's total caseload currently stands at 4861. As a precautionary measure, the State Education Department has shut all school and education institutions in Goa. The department has also advised various school authorities and teachers to mentor students by focusing on online education.

Schools shut, classes to continue

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The circular sent to all schools across the state by the Director of Education recognized the technological limitations such as unavailability of smart phones most students. To eradicate this hurdle, the circular directs the teachers to mentor such students via phone conversations. "Teachers should act as mentors to a child. It is expected that teachers shall remain in contact with a child on phone to know their difficulties or in case the students do not have android devices," the circular issued by the state Education Department head read.

This certainly changes the education framework of the state and all stakeholders, involved directly and indirectly have been brought onboard for a smooth and effortless transition from offline to online. "The work shall be allotted by head of institutions in consultation with other stakeholders such as parent teachers association, school management committee and educated youths in the vicinity."

The circular also suggested various education institutions to survey the possibilities and likelihood of setting up online admission procedures to ensure minimal physical contact among students through school visits. "All the heads of Higher Secondary Schools under the jurisdiction of this Directorate are hereby informed to explore the possibility of online admission process as far as possible to avoid the students visiting the schools," read the circular.

The need to follow to the precautionary and safety guidelines is way more important in the state than it ever has been, and setting up of systems and protocols to ensure the same is a primary concern. "Wherever possible, alternate arrangements as usual may be made following all guidelines issued in view of Covid-19 pandemic," the Director of Education further added.

The number of positive COVID-19 cases in the sunny state of Goa has cast a gloomy cloud all over, as the stats have surged past 7,000. Although the cases are on a steady rise, Goa's testing capacity still stands at 2,500 samples per day and presently, the state is also lagging behind with 1,600 samples to be tested. So the testing capacities are said to be hiked in the near future, to detect and curb the further spread of the virus.

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