Give a 'hike' to your Goa trip by trekking to the highest peak of the state!

Give a 'hike' to your Goa trip by trekking to the highest peak of the state!

Explore the Goan greenery the unusual way and redefine adventure at Songsogor peak in Goa.
Do you wish to uncover the adventurous side of Goa, washed away from crowded seashores and beaches? If yes, the Sonsogor trek is all you need to for pumping up those exciting adrenaline levels. Covering a trail of 15-kilometre, the trek to the highest peak in Goa will let you discover a new picture of the coastal state. So read on to know more about this riveting escapade that assures you memories for a lifetime!

Get 'high' on the Goan greenery

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The Sonsogor trail, part of the Western Ghats mountain range is located at an elevation of 1,166 metres (3,825 ft) above sea level, which gives you the feeling of being at the top of the world! You can walk on the Sonsogor trail and reach the top of Goa to grab a picturesque view of the state's pulchritude. Famously known as Sonsogodd or Darsingha/Darsinga, it is placed in Sattari Taluka, a sub-district in North Goa.

Attracting amaetuers & venterans, alike!

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Though this trek takes one to the highest peak in Goa, it is actually considered a simple hike, so much so, that anyone can take it up easily. This 15-kilometre long trail is supposed to take 2 to 3 hours but every minute of the expedition is worth the heavenly view of this natural beauty. Trekkers usually flock to this place to embrace the wonderful Goan frondescence. This is probably the most affordable option for tourists, who wish to explore Goa on a budget.

Knock Knock

Buckle up and head for this trek during winters, as November to January is the best time to visit this gem. You can reach the spot by taking a bus or a private taxi from Dabolim Airport or any of the railway stations in Goa. Public transport is easily available to and from Sonsogor as it a popular landmark in Goa. Before you plan on getting a dose of adrenaline rush here, make sure are already done with both the doses of the COVID vaccine!

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