A short road trip away from Goa, Malvan chronicles a Konkan odyssey worth your regard!

Chalk your itinerary in advance, to best enjoy the thrills of this Konkani tour.

If you're a local in Goa, you must have been judged at least a couple of times for saying that YOU need a vacation.

So if you wanna shout a resounding yes to a change of view, which would help you to catch a quick break from your everyday life while you collect content for an interesting trip tale for later, then check out Maharashtra's Malvan. Located at an approximate distance of 120-km from Panjim, this road trip will take you on a historical journey coupled with the serenity of the Arabian Sea and deliciousness of the regional cuisine.

A Konkan odyssey worth every step!

A highlight of the Sindhudurg district, Malvan's coastline exhumes an eyeshot of lounging white sands hemmed by cashew mango and coconut palms. The playful waters are home to the fisherfolk of the adjacent villages, who can be seen returning back on their rusty boats with their catch of the day (your meal basically), during the twilight period. So keep your cameras handy, if you're a fan of sunsets and CN Traveller kinda pictures!

A few miles ahead, you can even witness the confluence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea, bordered by the Tarkarli Beach. Although this stretch isn't always packed with tourists because of its offbeat setting, you'll still spot adrenaline junkies indulging in scuba-diving, parasailing and snorkelling here. So if you too wanna have your share of fun, then come aptly prepared for it (you can start with getting a GoPro for underwater photography, maybe?).

Sindhudurg Fort deserves every explorer's attention

Among many other charms of this place, Sindhudurg Fort, occupying an islet in the Arabian Sea, deserves every explorer's attention for its antiquity. One of the best-preserved forts of the state, it stands tall, 4-5 km away from the Tarkali Beach and only a boat ride can take you to its premises; take up early morning sailing for a clear view around.

Built by Chhatrapati Shivaji in 1664 to counter the rising influence of external powers and high sea tides, this monument now has a museum, temples, an entrance to a secret underground tunnel, amidst other things. There are also hand-prints as well as footprints of Shivaji, imprinted on a lime slab.

Other cynosures of the Malvan region would include the Tsunami Island, which accessible only for a limited time during low tides, Dolphin Point, Rock Garden, Malvan Marine Wildlife Sanctuary, Devbagh Beach and so on.

Chalk your itinerary in advance to best enjoy the thrills of this Konkani tour

Do whatever you have to- come up with excuses at work and drag your friends into your plans or just pack your bags for a solo ride but make sure that you end up here ASAP! To reach Malvan, take a direct cab from Panjim and you'll be here under 4 hours. Simple!

Chalk your itinerary in advance, to best enjoy the thrills of this Konkani tour and of course, don't forget to feel the breeze on your face with slipping sands between your toes and the toasty touch of sunlight, before coming back to the city life.

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