Goa govt unsure of resuming tourism due to uncertainty of predicted third wave

Goa govt unsure of resuming tourism due to uncertainty of predicted third wave

The curfew restrictions have been extended till 28 June across the state.

Initially, the Chief Minister of Goa had announced that tourism shall be restarted once all state residents have received the first dose of the vaccine and it was expected that this target shall be achieved by 30 July. However, the unpredictability of the impending third wave of COVID-19 has had an impact on the government's decisions related to tourism. It has been reported that the state government is yet to give its final decision in this regard.

Working on a solution to restart tourism in Goa

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As revealed on Tuesday by the Chief Minister of Goa, the state government will not sanction restarting of tourism activities till all residents have received their first vaccine shots. Officials understand that taking a decision regarding the tourism industry of Goa, without analysing the predicted third wave, is not advisable.

However, the state treasury has taken a hit during the second wave as its major revenue source (tourism) is shut down. Hence, the Goa government is currently in the doldrums and the Chief Minister has been quoted saying, "The state revenue has been badly impacted over the last two months. The shut down of tourism and other activities has also brought down our GST (Goods and Services Tax) collection. We are coming out with a solution."

Curfew extended till 28 June

The curfew restrictions have been extended till 28 June across the state, in a bid to curb the spread of this deadly contagion. While industrial activities are permitted, tourism has been completely shut down and the reason for this has been traced to the unpredictability of the impending third wave of COVID-19.

-With inputs from IANS

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