Goa Police raises vigilance to prevent harassment of tourists ahead of holiday season

Goa Police raises vigilance to prevent harassment of tourists ahead of holiday season

The efforts peg to make Goa a safe tourist destination & boost its economy

In preparation for Goa's peak tourism season and the resumption of international tourism, the Goa police has increased vigilance in order to prevent harassment of domestic and international tourists. Reportedly, authorities have already begun nabbing touts and miscreants targetting tourists. These efforts will ensure the safety of travellers and will eventually boost the tourism industry.

Goa Police to the rescue of international tourists

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The North Goa superintendent of police reportedly informed about the deployment of officials along all state beaches to help tourists and register complaints about harassment. While there is no definite rise in cases, the move aims to improve Goa's global tourism identity and avert any harrowing scenarios. Usually, such instances are common in all international destinations, added the SP.

The Police Official elaborated how swindlers cheat or misjudge tourists, resulting in offensive or hostile behaviour towards them. As such, the department is looking at a wide spectrum of people under the Tourism Trade Act. In addition to this, the police will also monitor the actions of touts, malpractices and illegal vendors who are harassing tourists.

As per reports, this campaign is a larger version of the earlier cycling expedition carried out by the Goa Police. The rationale of the previous mission was the same, however, now it has been amplified in both scope and reach, suggested the superintendent of police.

Surveillance programme against overstaying foreigners

Parallelly, a strong surveillance programme is also underway to keep a watch on foreigners and tourists who are overstaying illegally here and/or are associated with the drug trade. In view of this, a full foreigner survey has also been conducted here, informed police officials. Strict action will be taken against them once these miscreants are identified, concluded reports. It may be noted here that in 2019, Goa Police had booked foreigners under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act for drug possession for holding drugs worth ₹10 crores.

Both programmes favour Goa's safe tourist policy, making the place a go-to on each one's bucket list this holiday season. Besides, several other rural and smart tourism campaigns and missions are underway here to enhance travellers' experience to India's own sunshine state!

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