Goa Transport department makes ISI helmets mandatory for rent-a-bike operators

Goa Transport department makes ISI helmets mandatory for rent-a-bike operators

Surprise inspections will be conducted to regularise use of ISI helmets by bike rental operators in Goa.

Goa Transport Department has made ISI certified helmets mandatory for rent-a-bike operators in Goa. Two-wheeler rental services will now have to provide ISI approved helmets to clients. To keep a tab on proceedings, the concerned department will conduct an inspection, in which the ratio of the number of helmets to the vehicles being rented will be checked.

Rent-a-bike operators in Goa under scrutiny

In order to make sure that all such operators maintain a standard, acceptable ratio, licences will be issued only to rent-a-bike operators who have ISI-marked helmets for riders. For existing operators, the licences will be renewed upon completion of the various inspections.

We will have a condition stipulating the required number of headgear. These must be helmets with an ISI mark prescribed by law.

Director of Transport, Rajan Satardekar

There are over 17,800 two-wheelers registered for commercial use in the state. Additionally, the existing licences of rent-a-bike operators will be renewed, and new licences will be issued only to those who keep helmets for the pillion riders as well.

Awareness campaign to curb road accidents in Goa

Moreover, the operators are now also mandated to sanitise the helmets and other headgear as per the pandemic norms. In the past, several accidents involving two-wheelers without helmets or helmets with poor quality have been reported.

Given that, a regulating mechanism is also being worked upon, under which, operators will go through several inspections. Taking a step forward, special campaigns will also be launched by the officials to spread road safety awareness.

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