Take a detour from the beaches of Goa & don your explorer hat for a hike to the Yana Caves!

Take a detour from the beaches of Goa & don your explorer hat for a hike to the Yana Caves!

Lying 161 km from Goa, Yana Caves has some stories you need to unravel.

Nestled in the evergreen forests of Western Ghats, at a distance of about 161 km from Goa, Yana Caves is where your hiking plans will turn to reality. From the intriguing tales of Bhasmasur and Lord Vishnu to the stunning sight of luxuriant greenery around the enchanting Vibhooti Falls, these monumental caves provide for the ideal getaway from the sun and sand of Goa!

The Safehouse of Lord Vishnu

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Allow us to interest you in the enthralling chronicle of Lord Vishnu and the demon king, Bhasmasura. As per legends attached to these caves and the Hindu mythology, Bhasmasura was given a vardaan by Lord Vishnu that made everything he put his hands on, burn to ashes!

Just when he wrongly assumed himself to be invincible and tried to use his powers on his benefactor, Lord Vishnu came to the Yana Caves, disguised as an enchantress called Mohini. This plan tricked Bhasmasura to place his hands on his own head, which turned him into ashes!

Like a palace from the Wiz of Oz!

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The vertical spiked crystalline rock formation which is solid black in colour, seated in the middle of lush trees, makes the Yana Caves look like a mystical palace! This prepossessing site is a paradise for all trekking enthusiasts, as you can climb the hills while listening to the fascinating tales of Bhasmasura, making the experience even more otherworldly. The hike route takes you through the Mohini Shikara, which is a shorter hill as compared to the colossal and rocky Bhairaveshwara Shikara!

Located at the bottom of the Bhairaveshwar Hill, is a Shiva Temple that is believed to have self-emerged. This temple also has a Shiva Linga on which the water from the stones above drips down, almost magically! Yana Caves even makes for an exemplary locale for bird watchers so keep your camera handy!

Knock Knock

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While planning your itinerary, steer clear of visiting the Yana Caves during the monsoon season as the forests become threatening and the trek becomes harder to continue! So the best time to visit these beauteous caves is during the months of September to March. Also, carry your own garbage bags as the Yana village is known to be the cleanest in South India and the second cleanest in the entire country; so it is your responsibility to not meddle with that!

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