Goa's fresh COVID tallies plunge below the 1000 mark after 40 days on Saturday!

Goa's fresh COVID tallies plunge below the 1000 mark after 40 days on Saturday!

COVID cases in Goa drop below the 1000 mark after more than a month.

Goa's pandemic infection graph mapped a marginal respite on Saturday when the tally of fresh COVID-19 cases in the state dipped below the 1000 mark after 40 days. As per reports, the virus growth was restricted at 0.9% in Goa in the past week, which lead to around 963 new detections in the last 24 hours here. The coastal state had last recorded 940 cases on April 19, after which the advent of the second wave of coronavirus led to a rampant case rise.

Goa steps towards COVID recovery

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Soon after the Goa administration ordained an extension of the COVID curfew until June 7, the state was awarded a much needed COVID respite. Besides the lowered infection rise, the 1206 recoveries outpaced the new load on Saturday, impactfully reducing the burden of active cases. As yet, the state has yielded a total of 1,36,766 recoveries while 15,056 patients presently receive treatment across district hospitals and health centres.

The mortality count also dipped on May 29 in Goa, when 27 people succumbed to the virus load. So far, the state has logged in 2,597 virus-related fatalities since the outbreak of the pandemic last year.

The healing trends were further supported by a dynamic vaccination programme in Goa. Around 6,486 vaccine doses were administered here on Saturday, bolstering the total vaccination achievement up to 5,21,465 jabs.

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