Blending adventure & solitude, Goa's Pequeno island promises you a getaway like no other!

Blending adventure & solitude, Goa's Pequeno island promises you a getaway like no other!

A paradise of unexplored sites, Goa's Pequeno island hides away a splendor of unmatched beauty.

A kilometre away from the Baina beach in the Vasco city, the Pequeno island, commonly known as the Bat island is a rocky scape of wonder-surprise that centres solitude and serenity. This island is a discovery for those who seek adventure in the unexplored sites and the unmatched beauty of the scenic horizon along the blue sea. Set wind to your sails, row away from the harbour and greet this lesser-known paradise of calm and thrill, on your next trip to the land of beaches.

Experience Goa beyond imagination; dive into the sea of beauty and magic

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If the thoughts of blue sky, bluer sea and beach waves excite you, then Pequeno Island in Goa surely deserves your attention. This small island exists as the picturesque lighthouse of the coastal state, with lucid clear waves crashing its rock-lined coast. Sought mostly by adventure seekers, the Bat island promises you of a thrilling escapade that stands beyond the usual imagination when it comes to Goa.

Your journey to reach Pequeno island is a prelude to all the fun you're going to have here. With no roadway, you need to get on a boat and sail away from the mainland. Floating just 30 minutes away from Goa, this place is rather easy to reach. You can either crack a deal with a boatsman to drop and pick you up, to and fro from the island or ask any tour operator to get you on a boat. One day or half is the ideal time to be here, as there is nothing much besides the natural scapes and little green to hook you on for longer. You can also spend the night in the open and get your boatsmen to pick you up the next morning.

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Adventure runs deeps here and when we say deep, we mean sea-bed deep! This, along with its neighbouring Grande Island or Ilha Grande ranks among the best locations for snorkelling in the sunshine state. Besides taking you away from the hustle-bustle of the city and urban civilisation, this island is an archway to another dimension and all you need to do is, dive and experience the beauty and magic of the world underwater! All gear and equipment for the same are usually provided by tour organisers and operators, where each trip costs around ₹1500-2000.

So what we're saying is

Indulge in this adventure trip to experience the raw touch of nature as you distance yourself from the city chaos. Add this place on your travel itinerary now and you will definitely thank us later!

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