Goa’s Plastic Hangover: Govt to crackdown on wholesalers & distributors of single-use plastic!

Goa’s Plastic Hangover: Govt to crackdown on wholesalers & distributors of single-use plastic!

Goa also plans to adopt an app-based approach to phase out Single-use plastic

Plastics are everywhere- it is one of the biggest threats looming over the world's environmental well-being. Officials in the Goa are preparing for a crackdown on wholesalers and distributors of plastics. Goa state pollution control board (GSPCB) has already completed market surveys, where such wholesalers and distributors have been identified.

Goa’s 3-part action plan-the need of the hour

Goa's 3-part action plan will begin with cracking down on wholesalers and distributors to break the supply chain. Simultaneously, a campaign will be launched to create awareness among retailers regarding the ban. By mid-July, GSPCB will start cracking down on retailers stocking single-use plastics (SUP) as well. Moving ahead toward the agenda of a clean and safe environment, GSPCB plans permanent ban on usage of plastic bangs less than 120 microns from December 31, 2022.

The Union government has formulated a detailed, three-part action plan with an aim to ban single-use plastic (SUP). It includes:

  1. Supply-side interventions

  2. Intervention on demand-side and

  3. Creation of an enabling environment for phasing out SUP items.

An app-based approach to phase out Single-use plastic

An app-based mechanism will be adopted to keep a check on the manufacture, stocking, distribution, sale and use of banned SUP items. Additionally, commercial licenses issued shall be cancelled if found to be selling banned SUP items. Fresh licenses will be issued only on the condition to not sell SUP items.

To ensure the phase-out, the state government will also carry out random inspections of plastic waste raw material suppliers. Additionally, authorities will also organise workshops for MSMEs to facilitate shifting to the production of plastic alternatives.

Centre's policy: Targeting usage of SUP at pre-consumer & post-consumer level

With a goal to reduce plastic production, bring down littering and advocate proper segregation of plastic waste, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change introduced the Plastic Waste Management Rules in 2016. The rules allotted responsibilities to local bodies, gram panchayats, waste generators, retailers and street vendors to keep a check on usage and disposal of plastic waste.

The 2016 rules have been amended recently, with a new concept called Extended Producer Responsibility added in 2021. As per the ammendment, specific guidelines have been imposed on the producer, importer and brand owner to follow environment-friendly ways to dispose off plastic waste at pre-consumer and post-consumer plastic packing levels.

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