Goa's river ferry boats to soon be driven on solar power

Goa's river ferry boats to soon be driven on solar power

More inland waterways will be charted out, the process for which is already begun

With the world shifting its base towards renewable energy sources, Goa authorities have come up with a game-changer for the climate change battle. In a move that can best be described as responsible tourism and commute, Goa’s River Navigation Minister announced the usage of solar powered riverboats instead of traditional diesel engine boats. According to the reports, the traditional diesel operated river ferry boats will soon be converted into solar powered ferry boats.

Ditch the roadways, take the ferry & save marines

With the aim of cutting down the cost and reducing sound pollution, the government plans to procure engines that will allow the very-popular ferry boats to run on solar energy. Additionally, the state government will also introduce green fuel in river navigation.

As per the reports, shipping and water travel contributes over 1.5% of the total greenhouse gas emission. And replacing gasoline consumption with solar power directly benefits the cause.Since these boats will run entirely on the energy of the sun, the need for toxic fuel will also be eliminated, ensuring zero emission of harmful greenhouse gases.

The move will also reduce the chances of oil spillage, making the waterbodies a safe place for marines. Keeping in mind the ever-growing traffic on Goa’s roads, the government is also considering starting more inland waterways, the process for which is already begun.

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