Google adds Konkani & 7 other Indian languages to its feature 'Google Translate'

Google adds Konkani & 7 other Indian languages to its feature 'Google Translate'

Google has recently added 8 new languages to upgrade its translation feature

Did you know, you can now use Konkani on Google translate? Goans and other Konkani speakers are in luck as Google adds Konkani and 7 other Indian languages to upgrade its translation feature called 'Google Translate'.

Among the 24 languages added recently, there are 8 Indian languages, namely- Assamese, Bhojpuri, Dogri, Konkani, Maithili, Meiteilon, Mizo and Sanskrit. With the latest addition, one can now translate 133 languages by using Google Translate.

CM of Goa congratulates team Google on Twitter!

While Konkani is the official language of Goa, it is also widely spoken in parts of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Reportedly, more than 20 lakh people speak this regional language, making it one of the most common language spoken in the region.

The move will help in enhancing global outreach for Konkani speaking people as well as provide global access to Konkani language. With this, students and people who wish to learn Konkani or translate their work will now find it easier to do so by using Google's latest feature. Moreover, it will also provide this regional language with access to the international platform.

Konkani speakers, writers applaud the move

According to Mukesh Thali, writer, translator, lexicographer and Google translator for Konkani, "it was awaited for long and now the dream has come to fruition. We welcome it. This software facilitates the process of translation and as a translator, I will use it as a support for my creative literary translation work too."

Associations like the Dalgado Konkani Akademi (DKA), which works for the promotion of Konkani in Roman script, have welcomed this move by Google as well.

A renowned writer and President of DKA Vincy Quadros said, "It would be great if this service is also given in the Roman script, so those who are not familiar with Devanagari could find it easy in Roman script. However, I am happy that such a step has been taken by Google to give space for the Konkani language."

An international platform for regional language

Talking about this much-awaited move, senior writer and translator from Mumbai, Sheela Kolambkar said that she "feels proud that Google has included Konkani in their list of languages for translation. This move will help translators to a great extent. Konkani is a rapidly evolving language and such an online facility was the need of the hour."

The addition of Konkani in Google translate will help the regional writers, artists and lexicographers to publish global literature in regional language. Not only this, the tool will help the common man to access regional content in their specified language.

-with inputs from IANS.

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