Head over to Fat Fish in Baga, Goa, for an amazing Goan Fish Thali

Head over to Fat Fish in Baga, Goa, for an amazing Goan Fish Thali

If you’re strolling near Baga with the squad and are feeling like indulging in some authentic Goan food and experience, look no further! Head over to the Fat Fish shack right here, a little away from the beach and you’ll thank us later for introducing you to this one. All about wholesome thalis and a pet-friendly ambiance, the Fat Fish is quite a catch- read on to find out why!

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All about the Fat Fish!

A breezy and sprawling ambience with lights pouring in set on the backdrop of an open gazebo, the greenery and delicious grub they serve, makes it an ideal lunching spot! The multi-cuisine menu includes Goan, Italian, Tandoori and a few of Continental delicacies but you know what they say? When in Rome Goa, do what the Goans do!

Opt for the Goan Fish Thali, Goan Sausage Pulao, Butter Garlic Prawns along with a serving of King Fish Recheado Masala Fry. Wash it all down with freshly tapped chilled beer and this sums up our idea of a perfect lunch here! The fish thali is only available between 1-3 pm and it highly depends on the season and the amount of customers around so you maybe you gotta wait! We’d recommend reservations before hopping in here or just call them and ask about the availability if you’re coming over just to relish the tempting thali. In the name of desserts, the silky caramel custard is a unanimous pet. You won’t stop spooning this serving and we bet, there can’t be any better way to sign off from lunch here.

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So what we’re saying is-

If you’re a person who loves to chomp and munch their way on a trip, don’t miss out on this hidden gem! And by chance if you’re here during the monsoons, we know that your wanderlust stricken heart wouldn’t want to depart from this bliss! Perfect for a lunch date with bae or a reunion with friends over beer, Fat Fish is where you can soak in the serene beachy vibes of this party capital while letting your hair down to their upbeat music playlist.

Location: Agar Waddo, Calangute Arpora Road, Bardez, Baga, Goa

Cost: ₹1,000 for two people (approx.)

Timings: 12noon – 12midnight

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