Head to the peaceful Nalanda Retreat in Goa for a holistic break

Head to the peaceful Nalanda Retreat in Goa for a holistic break

A paradisal wellness and yoga resort, the Nalanda Retreat calls all for a soulful vacation.

Do you have a seldom urge of getting away from the bustling life of the city-dwellers? And, perhaps, escape to the serenity of the calming shores? If you're a beach person and like to take detoxes (which you should), we have a pitch you'd probably want to get your hands on and immediately!

Lying amidst some of the most beautiful beaches of North Goa (yep we can't not talk of serenity and miss Goa, can we?), the paradisal wellness and yoga resort Nalanda Retreat summons travellers in its embrace and it's time you pay heed to nature's beckoning.

But, first things first, how does basking in divinity sound?

In the lap of nature

Located on the banks of the stupendous Arabian Sea, Nalanda Retreat is spread across 3,000 square metres of pure beauty that North Goa is. It shelters spiritual seekers from across the country. From proffering nature healing practises meted out by in-house certified therapists to spa services and Ayurveda holidays, the resort sitting in the lap of nature has it all.

A place where you'd be able to get trained in branches of Yoga like Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga and Iyengar yoga, by skilled professionals — that's just the beginning of what Nalanda has to offer. Perfectly embracing a holistic lifestyle, here, you can grow, evolve, and adapt into someone who would be aware, blissful, and at peace. Sounds like a dream, does it not?

Facilitating the art of living

Moreover, who does not enjoy being surrounded by tranquil gardens and relaxing natural stone-built pools? Breaking those tensed nerves, the place is sure to render you a majestic medium facilitating the art of living in the present moment.

Along with this, of course, you have all the qualities that a well-equipped advanced resort in Goa would have. We're talking about sea-side and pool-view rooms, beach-facing restaurant, lounges, and all kinds of modern amenities. Besides, the Nalanda Retreat provides an end-to-end detox, including Sattvik meals because complete wellness also means organic meals that would nourish the system.

Experience a soul-stirring vacation

Get in touch with your higher self, tune your mind to nature's frequency, be in sync with the eastern culture's ancient traditions and experience a soul-stirring vacation at Goa's Nalanda Retreat!

Location: Junas Waddo, Mandrem, Goa

Phone: 080074 83117

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