Heading to Goa's Sunburn Festival? Here is the ultimate planning guide for Mumbaikars

Heading to Goa's Sunburn Festival? Here is the ultimate planning guide for Mumbaikars

There's no denying that Goa is the party capital of India. One of the biggest festivals to hit the shores of Goa is Sunburn, which happens at the end of every year and is perhaps THE most lit fest in the country. In high demand, the tickets are really hard to come by and not only that, if you're an outsider, you have to make arrangements well in advance. For all the Mumbaikars who are looking forward to Sunburn, here is your ultimate planning guide so you can have a weekend of fun and frolic.

Booking Sunburn Tickets

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Though this one is already kinda obvious, there's no stressing on how hard it can be to get tickets later on. Right now is the best time to book your slots and it would be best if you book through authorized channels like Bookmyshow.

At this moment, you can get the tickets for a reasonable price as well and that'll be one thing you can cross out of your to-do list. If however you are unable to purchase tickets, keep a vigilant lookout on quick sales of the ticket on authorized websites.

While you're at it, try to avoid touts and ticket sellers on the black market as they charge way too much and there's no saying what trouble that may land you into.

Getting to Goa

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Mumbai and Goa are rather close by and often times, people like to take a long drive to get there. If you're planning to see the sights of Goa and get in the festive mood early on, driving down AH47 highway would be a great idea. It should take you a total of 11 hours to get there by road, so be sure to stock up on supplies and music. Don't forget to take in the scenic views because they truly are breathtaking

Flights and trains too would be a viable option, especially if you're only going to visit Goa for the Sunburn festival. A flight from Mumbai to Goa takes approximately one and a half hours. For a quick in and out of the city, flying would be the best option.

Apart from that, even a train journey can be a wise choice and an experience in itself. The route from Mumbai to Goa is absolutely beautiful and it gives you a chance to see parts of the Deccan plateau in a new light. A train journey however will take a while so it's best if you explore Goa as well.

However you plan on going, be sure to book your return tickets as well because on short notice, it's going to be really hard to find tickets at reasonable prices.

Staying in Goa

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December is the hottest month in Goa- not in terms of weather, but as far as tourism is concerned. The days are windy and going to the beach is nothing short of heavenly. Since Sunburn is also happening around the same time, it would be best to over prepare and chalk out hotels. You've got to beat the crowd and book your rooms now- so that your trip goes all well, without any issues. Here are a few hotels that we would recommend-

Hacienda de Goa

Located in Vagator, this neat little hotel will win your heart with their amazing service, quality location and comfortable rooms. For a night, a room here will cost you about ₹4,700.

Vista Mare

Situated at Vagator, this is a whole some resort that will have you pumped up for the fest. Everything here is very soothing and relaxing and once it's time for the fest, you'll surely be energized for it. A room here should cost you about ₹4,500 for a night.

Shalai- The Cliff Resort

Shalai The Cliff Resort is located at Vagator in Goa which is what makes it the perfect place to stay. The views from here are beautiful and make you really see Goa in a new light. A room here should cost you about ₹5,000 for a night.

Living Room

Living Room is situated at Vagator, which is quite near to the festival venue. Since it is near the beach as well, it's like your own personal corner on the shore. A room here should cost you about ₹11,000 for a night.

Beach Bay Cottages

This three star hotel is located bang on Bogmalo beach. Simple and chic, the exteriors do not let out much but the interiors are lively. For a night at Beach Bay Cottages, you'll shell out ₹5,200.

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