Goa's fresh COVID-19 cases breach the 1,000-mark for the first time since the pandemic outbreak!

Goa's fresh COVID-19 cases breach the 1,000-mark for the first time since the pandemic outbreak!

Goa reports the highest number of fresh cases and death tolls in a single day.

For the first time since the pandemic broke out, more than 1,000 COVID-19 cases were reported in Goa over the last 24 hours. As per reports, 1,160 new infections were detected across the state on Tuesday, marking the sharpest single-day spike ever. Besides peaking infection, the death toll also surged to report 26 fatalities; the highest ever count.

Goa COVID-19 update

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With a sharp rise in the new case numbers, the state's Health Ministry stated that Goa's active coronavirus caseload has soared to 8,241 cases. As per experts, the advent of infection will strengthen more in the coming days, adding to this share. While the state is leaving no stone unturned to ramp up its healthcare infrastructure and resource supplies, 926 COVID victims have succumbed to the virus, as yet.

The average recovery rate, on the other hand, stands at 86.8% and only about 440 people were declared corona-free on Tuesday. As of now, 60,145 people in Goa have recovered from the virus. As far as total infection count is concerned, 69,312 persons have tested positive for COVID-19 here, since last year.

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