Pandemic scare intensifies in Goa as 4 active coronavirus variants plague the coastal state

Pandemic scare intensifies in Goa as 4 active coronavirus variants plague the coastal state

A NIV report states that 4 COVID-19 strains, namely UK, US, double-mutant from Maharashtra & the original one are active in Goa.

With 4 different strains of coronavirus variants being active in Goa currently, the threat of the already dangerous pandemic has also risen fourfold. The reports of the National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune have revealed that at present, Goa is exposed to 4 variants of the coronavirus, including the original strain and three mutations. These include the UK, US and the Maharashtra double mutant strains along with the primary novel-coronavirus.

COVID-19 vaccination may not be effective against mutant strains

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About a month ago, Goa had sent 15 COVID-19 samples to the NIV in Pune to conduct genome sequencing and its reports were received on April 9, Friday. These reports suggest the prevalence of 4 virus variants in the coastal state which are now being tagged responsible for the recent case uptick here. This spells trouble for the state, a senior doctor said, as the health authorities don't know what they are fighting against.

Besides this, there are several vaccinated people here who have become complacent and are not adhering to the COVID-19 norms, which will increase the state's efforts to curb the virus spread. It needs to be highlighted that the COVID vaccine is not cent per cent effective to prevent coronavirus and there have been several cases, across India, that have reported infection despite inoculation. Moreover, the existing vaccines might not able to diffuse the ferocity of the new strains, the doctor speculated.

Despite this, the vaccination drive is progressing in Goa, ardently. On Friday, about 6,271 doses were administered in the state, the highest in a single day since the drive started on January 16.

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