Defence Ministry shipyard to set up oxygen plant in Goa to meet the demand of LMO!

Defence Ministry shipyard to set up oxygen plant in Goa to meet the demand of LMO!

The oxygen plant will be established within a month by Goa Shipyard Limited, replenishing Goa's oxygen inventories.

Amid the exponential spurt of COVID-19 cases in Goa, the state has received a sliver of hope in the proposition of a new oxygen plant. As per reports, the Goa Shipyard Limited, a Defence Ministry shipyard has risen to the aid of the state and its people with the help of its 'Onsite Oxygen Generating Plant'. The Union Minister of the State for Defence on Friday stated that this will help to provide liquid medical oxygen (LMO) to the coronavirus patients.

Oxygen plant in Goa to yield 960 litres of LMO per minute

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In a bid to overcome the COVID crisis in Goa, an oxygen plant has been offered by the Defence Ministry Shipyard, Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL). As per the Union official, "The proposed oxygen plant will generate medical oxygen at the rate of 960 litres per minute and will be set-up within a month by GSL." Additionally, the shipyard will also be providing 40 oxygen concentrators to the state government in light of the present dire situation, the minister informed.

In the past few days, Goa has reported over a 51% rise in the positivity ratio and an acute shortage of relief supplies have been observed here. As a result, the rise in the active tallies and the overwhelmed health and medical infrastructure has left several people grappling for liquid medical oxygen (LMO), credited as life-saving among COVID patients.

As yet, as many as 88,028 confirmed cases have been reported in the state, out of which 3,019 infections were added to the aggregate tally in the last 24 hours. About 914 recoveries and 36 deaths were also noted here on Thursday, resulting in 20,898 active cases.

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