Rapid PCR facility set up at Goa Int'l Airport for UAE-bound passengers

Rapid PCR facility set up at Goa Int'l Airport for UAE-bound passengers

The cost of the rapid PCR test at Goa Airport has been marked at ₹4000.

The Goa International Airport on Monday, set up a rapid PCR facility for UAE-bound passengers. This provision has been stationed at the multi-level car parking (MLCP) of the airbase and the cost of the test has been marked at ₹4000. As per reports, the facility has been established in response to the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority's directive, to help the expats travelling to the United Arab Emirates.

Meeting requirements of UAE travel

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In a bid to facilitate travel for Goan expats to the UAE, within prescribed COVID norms, the Goa Airport Authority has set up a rapid PCR test facility at the airport premises itself. All airlines and private operators have been duly informed that passengers flying in UAE-bound flights can take the COVID test at the departure terminal, within 6 hours of travel.

This provision will help commuters to meet the present requirements of UAE departures, informed the Goa Airport Director. Besides India, countries like Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Uganda, have also been informed to follow these COVID protocols and conditions.

Arrival norms at Goa Airport

Meanwhile, all people arriving at the Goa Airport have to produce their COVID-19 negative test certificate, conducted no later than 72 hours of the landing. However, passengers who are fully vaccinated and have received their second shot at least 14 days before entering the state, are exempted from the rule. It may also be noted that an RT-PCR report is compulsory for all passengers arriving from Kerala.

Amid anticipations of an impending third wave, the Goa government has extended the ongoing curfew restrictions till August 30 in the state. The COVID curfew was first imposed in Goa on May 9 this year, during the second wave of the pandemic. Since then, it was successively extended, with graded relations, keeping the infection virulence in mind. Even now, auditoriums, community halls, river cruises, spas, massage parlours, entertainment parks, water parks, and casinos are closed here, to break the chain of spread.

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