Goa rolls out a targeted 4-day vaccination drive for beneficiaries in age-group 15-18

Goa rolls out a targeted 4-day vaccination drive for beneficiaries in age-group 15-18

Goa has received 72,000 COVID doses to administer the first jab to kids in the 15-18 age category

The Goa Health Department on Monday launched a targetted vaccination drive, to initiate COVID inoculation among beneficiaries in the 15-18 age category. The state is aiming to administer all recently acquired 72,000 doses of the anti-coronavirus shot in the next 4 days to ensure rapid immunity among kids as well. As per reports, vaccination for the aforementioned category has been allowed by the State and Union starting January 3, 2022.

Active vaccination drive in Goa

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The Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya on Sunday called for a review meeting of all Health Ministers of the state to devise an action plan for the 15-18 vax drive in India. Here, around 72,000 COVID jabs were given to Goa to vaccinate the beneficiaries in the age group.

As per the statement of the State Health Minister Vishwajit Rane, these doses would be administered within 3-4 days from January 3 onwards. All preparations of the same have been reviewed by the Union Health Minister, Rane reportedly said. The Goa government is taking all measures to curb the coronavirus infection rate and if need be, medical professionals will visit schools, the Minister added.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister is likely to announce new measures to flatten the graph of infection. He has called for a meeting of the Task Force on Monday to review the same.

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