Goa reports zero COVID death for the first time in 4 months on Monday!

Goa reports zero COVID death for the first time in 4 months on Monday!

The Chief Minister on Tuesday lauded the efforts of the medical fraternity to achieve the zero-casualty feat.

In a COVID respite, the state of Goa managed to nullify its virus toll for the first time in 4 months. On Monday, no coronavirus deaths were reported here, the health department announced. The Chief Minister on Tuesday, congratulated the medical fraternity and concerned officials for achieving the zero-casualty feat, after relentless efforts. Goa's average fatality ratio presently stands at 1.8%, aggregating a total of 3,097 virus-related deaths since the pandemic outbreak.

Goa COVID curfew to remain in force until positivity rate dips further

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In a landmark healing trend, the coastal state of Goa recorded zero morbidities due to coronavirus, for the first time since the rise of the 'second wave' in March. "For the first time in three-four months, we have reached zero deaths. I congratulate our medical staff who worked tirelessly. We should maintain this," the Chief Minister told reporters at the State Secretariat.

The CM further emphasised the importance of the curfew in the state, until the case positivity rate dips deeper. As of now, Goa's CTR, that is the count of positive cases per 100 tests, is fluctuating between 3-4%, he added. "The positivity rate is between three to four. It will come down further. People need to take adequate care. Finally, lowering the positivity rate depends on the people. The government will take the required precautions," he said.

He added that the state-wide curfew will remain in force until the CTR is minimised. "To lift the state curfew, the positivity rate needs to drop further, but such a decision will be taken in consultation of our expert committee," the CM concluded.

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