Goa receives 18,000 doses of vaccine ahead of COVID inoculation drive resumption on Friday

Goa receives 18,000 doses of vaccine ahead of COVID inoculation drive resumption on Friday

From next week, Goa will conduct the vaccination drives for four days a week

Goa replenishes its vaccine inventory with the arrival of 18,000 doses via a Mumbai flight on Wednesday. This new consignment will equip the state to conduct the inoculation drive, set to resume on January 22, Friday. Goa Health Services Director informed that about 7 centres, including 2 private hospitals, flagged-off the state's maiden vaccination session on Saturday, streamlined with that pan-India inoculation drive. He also stated that more centres will be added to the state-list when the drive resumes.

Coronavirus Vaccination Drive in Goa

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Goa received a total of 23,500 doses of the Coronavirus vaccine before the first phase of the vaccination drive. In the first session, on Saturday, the state was able to successfully immunise a total of 426 healthcare workers, via 7 centres across the state. According to the plan of action, the state will resume the vaccination drive from Friday to Saturday. Goa Health Services Director has further stated that the starting next week, the drive will extend for four days a week.

The local officials will follow a central portal which will list the beneficiaries of the vaccine programme, he notified. The registered beneficiaries will receive a text message on their mobile numbers, informing them about the location and slot of their vaccination. In addition to the 7 vaccine sites of the first phase, other state-run and private facilities will be inducted into the vaccination drive. The exact number of these centres will be notified only after the list of beneficiaries is drafted.

As of Wednesday, Goa's covid tally mounted to an aggregate of 52,657 cases with the addition of 87 fresh infections on Wednesday. The state's active caseload stands at 865 patients given the 51,036 recoveries. Since the outbreak of the virus last year, the state mortality toll has clocked 756 deaths.

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