Tika Utsav 3.0 in Goa to propel vaccination at municipal & panchayat levels from June 13

Tika Utsav 3.0 in Goa to propel vaccination at municipal & panchayat levels from June 13

The initiative aims to ensure 100% first dose inoculation for all citizens in the territory.

Aiming to execute widespread vaccination drives in the state, the Goa government has decided to launch Tika Utsav 3.0 from June 13 onwards. The Chief Minister announced the decision on Friday, highlighting the need for immunisation to achieve the goal of herd immunity. With an objective to ensure 100% first dose inoculation for all citizens in the territory, the program will witness streamlined efforts and focused schedules.

Vaccination centres to be set up at panchayat and municipal levels

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In a bid to accelerate extensive vaccination, the Chief Minister affirmed that inoculation sites will be instituted at every panchayat and municipal region. Further, he remarked that the motive will be to vaccinate close to 250 citizens at each of these centres daily. Given the scale and scope of the project, it can be said that a large chunk of the state population will be immunised if the drives are successfully materialised.

Additionally, the effects of Cyclone Tauktae were detrimental to the vaccination process. "Seventy five per cent people above 45 years have been vaccinated. As many as 30 per cent people have not taken their first dose yet," said the Goa Chief Minister.

423 new cases and 819 recoveries recorded in Goa on Saturday

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Being one of the worst-hit regions in the country, Goa suffered hard during the third wave of the pandemic. Now, the case tallies have dropped down, with 413 new infections and 819 recoveries registered on Friday. While 8 individuals lost their lives on the same day, a total of 2,899 fatalities have been recorded in the state, till now.

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