Jaipur street food hubs to get 'clean' status for maintaining prime safety & hygiene standards

Jaipur street food hubs to get 'clean' status for maintaining prime safety & hygiene standards

Health Department will train street food hawkers, helpers and handlers to keep up with cleanliness benchmark.

If you have been craving to savour in the savoury flavours of your favourite roadside food in Jaipur, we do have great news for you! The Health Department has decided to assign the 'clean street food hub' tag to clusters of street vendors who meet the standards of street safety and hygiene. This move is set to encourage all food joints in the Pink City to follow hygienic practices, promoting clean grubs - safe for consumption.

Setting the standards of street food hygiene in Jaipur

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The Health Department has decided to train vendors in Jaipur and equip them with measures to the best hygiene practices for street food. According to the Additional Director of the Health Department, authorities have been tasked to ensure that food vendors, handlers and helpers maintain the standard of personal hygiene.

It will be mandatory for each vendor to use hand gloves and aprons, for the same. Officials also have to certify that the areas near the eateries are clean. Besides, provisions of clean water for drinking, cooking and cleaning will also be made available for all.

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In the first phase, health authorities have recognised prominent food hubs of the city, namely the Masala Chowk and G-Tower area among other cluster eateries, to progress the plan of action. The street hawkers will be taught how to keep up with the benchmark of quality and safe food during the course of this training, added reports.

Each eatery that ticks off all prescribed guidelines will be declared as 'clean street food hub', informed the Health Department AD. The move will benefit foodies and tourists in the Pink City to visit their favourite places or try out grubs at new places without any hesitation.

Promoting local & regional cuisines in Jaipur

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Reportedly, the entire scheme is being backed by the Fodd Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), to help Rajasthan achieve the status of 'clean street food hub'. All guidelines related to the same have been already issued with the vision of upgrading the present street food infrastructure. Notably, the initiative will give a major popularity boost to local and regional cuisines of Jaipur, attracting tourists and locals alike.

- With inputs from TOI

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