Now, only 2 government facilities will provide COVID treatment in Goa

Now, only 2 government facilities will provide COVID treatment in Goa

COVID curfew to be extended beyond June 28 in Goa, says CM.

Amid the dipping rate of fresh COVID cases in Goa, the state administration on Friday decided to continue virus treatment in only two major government health facilities here. Except for the South Goa District Hospital and the super speciality unit at Goa Medical College, all other state-run institutes have been denotified from being pandemic treatment cells. Besides fresh cases, the daily mortality rate has also dropped here, signalling the passing over of the 'second wave'.

State-run hospitals in Goa offer OPD services now

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The Chief Minister of Goa on Friday announced to stop the COVID treatment facility at all government hospitals, barring two government centres. All OPD services at the rest of the state-run centres have already been restored to tackle the spread of monsoon disease.

The restricted rise of fresh COVID cases has helped the state to enforce the decision. The CM pointed out that, "There were many vacant beds in these hospitals. Even if the facilities have been denotified, we are in a position to restart them again at any time."

Goa's COVID infection graph has started to chart a plateaued trend, clocking up to 250 cases in a day, over the last few days. It may also be noted here that the daily recovery rate surges past the new case count, boosting overall healing. On Thursday, the tally surged to 229 fresh infections with 258 recoveries. On the other hand, the toll scaled by 9 virus-related deaths in the past 24 hours. Presently, Goa hosts about 2,727 active cases.

The CM further told reporters that the ongoing COVID curfew in Goa, which lapses on Sunday, will be extended further despite the dip. A detailed order is expected soon.

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