Recoveries surge over fresh COVID-19 cases for 2 weeks in Goa, Recuperation ratio zooms at 92.5%

Recoveries surge over fresh COVID-19 cases for 2 weeks in Goa, Recuperation ratio zooms at 92.5%

Rate of growth of the coronavirus in Goa has been caught at 0.6%

The state of Goa is generating positive statistics with respect to the impact of COVID-19 on human health in the last 2 weeks now(October 12 to October 25) The daily tallies of recoveries in the state have exceeded the count of new cases for 14 days, clocking negative stats of daily active cases. This comes as a huge respite to the state of Goa which has accumulated over 42,242 infections since the outbreak on March 25.

The Goa COVID-19 Update:

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With various control and treatment protocols and procedures, the port state of Goa has been able to arrest the virus growth at 0.6%. In the last month, the case positivity ratio has climbed up by a mere 2% in the state. These statistics have enabled the state to record a lower number of cases every day, bringing respite to the COVID care centres, treatment facilities and medical staff alike. On Sunday, about 211 new infections were recorded in Goa, its lowest tally of 159 reported on October 19.

Besides lowering additions, the quick rise in the recovery rate has also helped Goa to produce a possibility of eradicating the virus. With a recuperation rate as high as 92.5%, marginally higher than the nations' 90.2%, the state has so far recorded 39,090 recoveries.

The mortality rate in the state has been caught at 1.4% and with the addition of 6 fatalities on Sunday, the death tally of the state has surged past 576 demises. Goa ranks 22 amongst all Indian states and union territories in terms of impact of the global pandemic of COVID-19.

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