Hit the Butterfly Beach in South Goa & rejuvenate yourself in the laps of nature!

Hit the Butterfly Beach in South Goa & rejuvenate yourself in the laps of nature!

Get going to experience an all-new Goa, away from the hustle bustle of holiday season influx.

If your Instagram feed is also furthering your Goa plans everyday yet gripping you with anxiety every time you notice the crowd clustered at this holiday destination, then don't worry peeps! We're covering one of the lesser-known beaches of Goa which will give you an all-new experience of this sunshine state, away from the hustle-bustle of holiday season influx.

Secluded from the commercial Palolem Beach in South Goa, the Butterfly Beach is an oasis of calm and scenic beauty in the coastal state. This beach, in the heart of the region, is an unexplored bay which wraps you in the luxury-feels of a private beach, where you can spend a romantic day with your partner, rejuvenate in the scenic calm or completely fall in love with it!

How to reach the Butterfly Beach

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If you want to experience Goa like never before, the secret beach of Butterfly should definitely be on your travel itinerary. Indulge in a handsome amount of me-time, unapologetically, or spend a romantic beach date with your loved one here! Located just north of the very popular Palolem Beach, this semi-circular bay is where beauty and nature join hands, casting a spell on you, hooking you onto its picturesque view.

Popularly known as the Honeymoon Beach, given its isolation from the mainland, this place ranks among the top places in the coastal state that can help you bag the best time of your vacay, in solitude. It is fairly simple to reach here. All you need to do is hire a cab from the Goa International Airport, at Panjim to Palolem Beach, and from there on get a boat and set the sails onto this magical destination. There is no roadway to reach here.

If you are on a tight budget, there is a cheaper though time-consuming route as well. Get onto a shuttle from the Airport which will drop you at Madgaon. A bus from there on will take you to Palolem Beach, from where you can take a boat and reach this beach.

Essentials at the Butterfly Beach

Given its complete cut-off from the mainland, you need to prep yourself before you reach here. This beach does not have any shacks or similar set-ups for food and/or refreshments. So, besides arming yourself with beach blankets, wind jackets and sunscreen, you must also prepare a small picnic basket before you come here! Don't forget to carry lots of water and a first-aid kit, just in case.

Pro-Travellers' Tips for Butterfly Beach:

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There are certain things that one learns the hard way but not you dear reader! We are presenting you with pro-travellers' tips, which will ensure that your day out at the Butterfly Beach is surely the best day of your Goa vacation. Keep the following in mind:

  • Do not forget your essentials. This beach is a vacant stretch, untouched by commercialisation and you would not get any supplies here. Carry food and water if you wish to spend the day here!
  • Familiarise yourself with the locals. Ask the boatmen and bus drivers about the last slots of arrival and departure so that you do not miss your ride back from the beach.
  • Do not stay after the nightfall. The beach is backed by thick green covers, which are home to many wild animals. Take care of your safety and well-being and try to wrap up your trip soon after the sunset.

So what we are saying is:

2021 is your year! Pack-up your bags, arm yourselves with the anti-COVID-19 essentials and get going because fun, adventures and a whole lot of experiences await you. Follow Knocksense Goa on Instagram, for more such updates!

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