IMD predicts heavy rains in Goa till Friday

IMD predicts heavy rains in Goa till Friday

Several parts of Panjim faced waterlogging and traffic diversions on Monday due to heavy showers.

IMD has pointed out the likeliness of isolated extremely heavy rainfalls along the Goa and Konkan coast for the next 24 hours. As per reports, the monsoon winds will soak the coastal state in a heavy downpour of up to 204.4mm on Tuesday. The weather forecast stated that these conditions will prevail until Friday here, where isolated heavy bursts can be expected.

Goa witnessed a heavy downpour on Monday

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The southwest monsoon winds have hit Goa with full force, bringing heavy rains to most parts of the state on Monday. Intense wind blows of 30-40 kmph and showers lashed old Goa and the northernmost taluka of Pernem all through the day. These regions also experienced sparse acute short spells in the last 24 hours.

Besides the heavy showers, the traders suffered the perils of waterlogging here. Parts of Panjim also saw traffic diversions on Monday. Cumulative rains until 8:30 PM on Monday were recorded up to 113.5 mm in Old Goa, 98mm in Panjim, and 97 mm in Pernerm. The prevailing heavy rainfall activity will continue here throughout the day, on Tuesday as well.

Southwest-monsoon advances northwards & intensifies

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As per the MeT reports, the two branches of monsoon rains are progressing northwards due to well-marked low-pressure areas in these regions. These troughs are not only progressing the speed of the winds but also are brewing their intensity. The IMD analysis further suggests that an off-shore trough runs off the west coast, instigating hot and humid southwesterly winds to blow over Konkan and Malabar coats.

These pressure gradients are collectively creating a favourable advancement of the rains along the coast of Goa and many parts of UP and Bihar for the next 48 hours.

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