IMD issues Yellow alert in Goa; moderate rainfall & thunderstorms in store for the coastal state

IMD issues Yellow alert in Goa; moderate rainfall & thunderstorms in store for the coastal state

The Meteorological Department has pitched the alert till Friday.

The Indian Meteorological Department has issued a yellow alert for the state Goa till Friday over forecasts of moderate to light rainfall, accompanied by thunderstorms and lightning. This sudden and unexpected activity has borne out of an offshore trough developing along the east-central Arabian Sea, informed an IMD Scientist. He further added that the phenomenon is moving off the coast of Karnataka, to South Maharashtra, across the Konkan region and Goa, washing the coastline generously.

Stay Updated, Goa

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Goa received heavy rainfalls on Monday night, which stretched through Tuesday as moderate showers in isolation. The weather intelligence team has stated that this pattern will prevail in the coastal state for the next three days and has issued a yellow warning regarding the same. The IMD issues colour code warning to alert the authorities about the expected weather changes, signalling to set motion to precautionary measures.

A yellow-warning indicates the possibility of worsening weather in the approaching days, which may interrupt the day to day activities of the people and travel. Goa state authorities, therefore, need to be updated and prepared to tackle the situation of temperamental weather.

Weather Anomalies frequenting India

Observations of the meteorological officers have revealed despite the showers, the minimum temperatures will remain well over normal in the Northern region and over normal in South Goa. As per the archival records of the IMD, high temperatures in the state and nation are being observed as a trend in the past decade (2011-2020), where 2020 lodged itself as the warmest year since 1901.

Besides soaring mercury, reports have also suggested the frequent occurrence of other weather anomalies, in India, over the past few years; a direct consequence of global warming. The IMD statement further includes a list of extreme climate conditions like incessant heavy rainfall, floods, landslides, thunderstorm, lightning, cold waves which have been witnessed across the nation in the last 15 years, claiming the lives of several hundred people in their wake.

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