Inching toward e-Policing paradigm, Goa Police signs MoU with 5ire for going paperless

Inching toward e-Policing paradigm, Goa Police signs MoU with 5ire for going paperless

With this, Goa police becomes the first department to adopt 100% paperless means of business

The Police, which is a part of the government's administrative apparatus, is responsible for upholding the law, preventing, detecting, and investigating crimes, and maintaining law and order. And as visible, the global policing system is on the verge of a transformation thanks to digital services.

The Digital India initiative is gaining traction, which is evident by the steps taken by various Indian states. With an aim to adopt smart policing solution to ensure transparency and efficiency in policing, the Goa Police announced to go completely paperless very soon!

From traditional to technological governance

The traditional governance and administration models are heading towards an ICT-driven e-Governance paradigm. IT and digital technologies are increasingly permeating policing and other government departments, helping modernize operations and enhance access, quality, and effectiveness of services.

Following on those lines, the state police department signed an MoU with Level-1 blockchain network, 5ire. The move will cater to taking Goa to the top spot for adopting digital technologies.

Reportedly, the blockchain-based smart policing solutions by 5ire will be able to record all official activities accurately, allowing the police officials to help the citizens with the traceability of their records and evidence.

Additionally, with the new system in place, it can help create sustainable smart policing solutions for Goa Police and make the processes efficient and eco-friendly.

Recently, 5ire raised $100 million at a $1.5 billion valuation in a Series A funding round from the UK-based conglomerate SRAM & MRAM Group, becoming India’s 105th unicorn.

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