Ivermectin recommended for all 18+ citizens in Goa as a precautionary measure to combat COVID!

Ivermectin recommended for all 18+ citizens in Goa as a precautionary measure to combat COVID!

Besides lowering mortality, the anti-viral drug also reduces the time to recovery and virus clearance period.

With the continuous increase in COVID cases recorded in Goa, the state administration has made a notable addition to the COVID treatment protocol in the state. As per the latest guidelines, all individuals above 18 in the state have been advised to take the antiviral drug called Ivermectin. With this tweak in the prevention and precaution protocol, the authorities attempt to reduce the possibilities of the life-threatening viral fever that comes with a COVID-19 infection.

Ivermectin to be made available at all health centres across the state

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Talking about the new order, Health Minister Vishwajit Rane informed that all adult citizens should take Ivermectin regardless of whether they experience any COVID-related symptoms or not. He said, "We are giving this as prophylaxis treatment, as a preventive. Ivermectin tablets will be given to all patients above 18 years at government health centres. The population needs to take the population. This will be made available."

According to the new guidelines, people will have to take Ivermectin 12mg for a period of 5 days. This order is propelled by the observation of experts from across the globe, including the UK, Italy, Spain, Japan. Through a large number of studies, it was inferred that the drug significantly lowers mortality besides dampening the period of recovery and viral clearance.

Reduces disease severity; doesn't lower the chance of infection

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Taking a cue from the positive findings, the Health Minister announced the latest decision after a meeting with the Chief Minister and the state's top officials. Further, the minister affirmed that this medication only helps in controlling the severity of the diseases and does not reduce the chance of infection. Therefore, it has been asked of all citizens to ensure strict adherence to all guidelines and protocols and safeguard themselves from getting in contact with the deadly contagion.

A high positivity rate prevails in Goa with 2,633 new infections on Sunday!

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COVID cases in Goa have been consistently high since the onslaught of the second COVID wave in the last week of March. While some regions in the country are witnessing dips now, the graphs in Goa continue to climb higher. Taking the tallies of active patients to an alarming 31,875, 2,633 fresh cases were recorded in the state on Sunday. Simultaneously, the death tallies have dilated through the past month and 67 fatalities were marked on Sunday.

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