Kurdi- the Mohenjo Daro of Goa remains submerged in water this year

Kurdi- the Mohenjo Daro of Goa remains submerged in water this year

Remembering Kurdi, the historic and mysterious Goan village that emerges out of water once, every year

Goa's only historic village Kurdi has failed to resurface this year! A submerged village in South Goa, Kurdi is known to rise out of the water every year during the peak summertime, that is April and May. However, due to the unseasonal heavy pre-monsoon showers this year, Kurdi- the Mohenjo Daro of Goa remains submerged underwater.

A graveyard of memories!

Every year, the receding water uncovers the relics of centuries-old temples, chapel, mosque, schools and homes of natives who used to live here before the village was washed down with water. The peak summer time offers a short window to the displaced villagers for a homecoming, a chance to revisit their homes at this graveyard of memories.

With the cancellation of the annual festival this year, the natives of Kurdi will not be able to return to the village temple and watch the horizon of the dam and the village that remains submerged along with the million memories throughout the year.

The building of dam & drowning of a village!

Kurdi was just another thriving village in Goa with lush green fertile lands and prosperous life. Things were just fine until 1986, when Goa got its first dam. The Salaulim dam, which is the only source of South Goa's drinking water flooded the area, eventually ending up submerging the entire Kurdi village.

This led to the mass displacement of the original inhabitants of the village. As per reports, more than 630 families were displaced from Kurdi, five decades ago. Since then, the Kurdi natives visit this piece of land every year when it resurfaces to take a stroll down the memory lane and relive the moments of yesteryear with the proof of their past, that remains.

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