Goa police appoints sub-inspectors to keep a check animal cruelty cases in the state

Goa police appoints sub-inspectors to keep a check animal cruelty cases in the state

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The Goa police have appointed new police sub-inspectors (PSIs) at each police station in charge of animal cruelty cases, to keep a check on the rising cases of bullfights and more. This decision has been taken specifically to prevent the occurrence of 'dhirios' which are traditional Goan bullfights, that often lead to bull deaths.

As such, the district Superintendent of the Police has issued new orders that direct the PSIs to assist all district officials working against cruelty to animals. Reportedly, the PSIs of Provorim and Margao districts will also function as nodal in-charges for other districts in North and South Goa, respectively.

The rising face of animal cruelty in Goa

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The Police order has come in view of a petition filed by the People for Animals (PFA) at the High Court of Bombay at Goa with respect to the lack of proactive measures of the state to ban bullfights here. As per the contempt petition, the number of bullfights has risen unprecedentedly since the withdrawal of the pandemic-induced lockdown.

The PFA organisation stated that 'dhirios' are being organised almost regularly in some Goa villages, namely Cansaulim, Colva, Utorda, Benaulim and Varca in South Goa, and Arambol and Mandrem in North Goa. Bullfights are being held here on a weekly basis, which amounts significantly to the cases of animal cruelty.

As per reports, the South Goa district is accountable for double the number of illegal bullfights, compared to those happening in the North District. According to the Director of the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services Dr Agostinho Misquita, most of these duels are held in the jurisdiction of Colva Police Station.

Petitioner seeks Dhirio ban

People for Animal has raised the complaint with the view of getting monitoring committees for both state districts. These agencies will be tasked to submit quarterly reports showing the implementation of the 'dhirio ban'. The new sub-inspectors appointed in each district have to be available on regular or Whatsapp calls, the organisation pleaded. This will further ensure that bullfights complaints are lodged and the combats are suspended before they can happen.

- With inputs from TOI

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