Premarital counselling to be initiated in Goa in light of inflating divorce rates

Premarital counselling to be initiated in Goa in light of inflating divorce rates

Couples will be informed about their duties and responsibilities through a class room program before marriage.

Keeping in view the increasing divorce rates across the state of Goa, the law minister announced that premarital counseling will be commenced for engaged couples in the state. As per reports, the Department of Registration will be initiating this program as a part of their 'social responsibility'. Reportedly, the scheme would entail a half-day classroom counseling session for couples and the marriage certificates will be handed over to them only after that.

Couples to be apprised about their duties before marriage

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In order to ensure a streamlined execution of this initiative, the department has sought help from the Goa Institute of Public Administration and Rural Development. As per reports, this institute will help in preparing a comprehensive plan for the counseling of engaged individuals. Under this program, officials will sit together with couples and apprise them about their duties and responsibilities. Reportedly, this would include a talk over their obligations towards each other, in-laws and children.

This classroom session will be conducted for the couples between the date of registration and solemnisation of marriage. Reports state that a legislative act may be required for formalising this intervention. Here, it can be expected that the Goa state assembly can pass an ordinance to this effect, in its next meeting scheduled for July. Further, it has also been reported that the department welcomes all kinds of aid from religious institutions for the successful implementation of this scheme.

Reportedly, the Law Minister asserted that divorce rates have gone up compared to the past decade. Subsequently, registrars will also ensure awareness amongst the couples now before they record the proceedings of the nuptial knot.

Knock Knock

While marriage is definitely a sacramental institution in society, debates over an individual's personal liberties have taken over the present times. Given these conflicting views, it is hard to ascertain if mandatory counseling sessions are needed in dealing with a citizen's personal decisions. If you have any thoughts about this, do share in the comments below!

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