Mark your calendars for a coastal extravaganza: Goa Seafood Festival is back!

Mark your calendars for a coastal extravaganza: Goa Seafood Festival is back!

This February 9-11, indulge in a relishing seafood extravaganza at Miramar Beach in Panjim.

Are you a beach enthusiast who revels in coastal adventures and savoring delectable seafood? If the above description resonates with your passion and energizes you with enthusiasm, we have exciting news for you!

Get ready, folks, because The Goa Seafood Festival is making a grand return after many years! Picture yourself lounging on a beach, surrounded by palm trees, with sand beneath your feet, and the tantalizing aroma of a mouth-watering seafood feast wafting through the air — now that's an experience to look forward to, isn't it?

Goan fare & festivities: A symphony of seafood flavours & catchy music in the backdrop of the beach!

Pledging to a 'responsible-to-nature' theme, keeping in mind eco-friendly tourism, the fest this year is going to be bigger and better! Here, a fleet of shacks and stalls await to treat you to a diverse variety of fish, prawns, lobsters and all the delish seafood you can imagine. Pair the grub with lip-smacking drinks, groove to the beats as local bands put you right into a trance aaand your beach festivities are complete!

All we're saying is, people, this February 9-11, collect your gang, invoke the adrenaline junkie and foodie in you and head to the beaches cuz Goa is calling!

P.S. The entry is free for all!

Host contact: 9820051638

When: February 9-11, 6 PM

Where: Miramar Beach, Panjim, Goa

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