Montego Bay Beach Village, Morjim- A Resort with a heart!

Montego Bay Beach Village, Morjim- A Resort with a heart!

Montego Bay Beach Village at Morjim is one resort which made us feel completely at home. Our log cabin was sea facing and we literally had the Morjim beach as our courtyard. Located bang on the beach, this village is sure to make long for another stay here soon after you reach back to the city.

For the heart

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It wouldn't be wrong to say that everyone has dreamt about living peacefully in a small hut on a beach by a calm sea. You can live your dream at Montego Bay beach resort while your stay in Goa. Along the perimeter of a tastefully landscaped garden, 40 units of wooden cabins and canvas tents are erected, well spaced to not to barge into someone's privacy. You can live the beach while chilling on one of the many beach swings hanging by the fence. Two of the many log cabins face the beach, it's like having a beach for your courtyard.

A small swimming pool in the middle of the garden is a serene place in itself.

For the taste buds

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Feel satiated after savouring on Prawns/Lobster in butter garlic sauce. Their banoffee pie will serve well to your sweet tooth cravings.

Knock Knock

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A cosy cabin with white sandy beach and the Arabian sea as your courtyard and a group of welcoming yet non-interfering staff-this is the place which will bring you back to Goa again and again. Do not forget to try the banoffee pie here.

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