Over 74% of Goa's eligible population vaccinated with the 1st dose!

Over 74% of Goa's eligible population vaccinated with the 1st dose!

Over 8 lakh citizens out of 10.75 lakh eligible individuals have been given the first dose of immunity booster vaccine in Goa!

In a bid to arrest the possibilities of an upcoming third wave, the Goa administration had deployed extensive measures to fuel vaccination in the state. Driven by this, over 8 lakh individuals have been given the first dose of immunity booster vaccine, out of the territory's eligible population of 10.75 lakh citizens. Announcing this achievement on Thursday, the Chief Minister stressed the need for sound social behaviour, awareness and inoculation as the strongest weapons against the virus.

100% 1st dose vaccination targeted by the end of July

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"Out of the 10.75 lakh persons eligible for the vaccination in Goa, around 8 lakh have taken the first dose. Our target is to complete 100 percent coverage of the first jab by July 30," said the Chief Minister. The CM stated that cooperation of all citizens is required if the third wave of accelerated infections has to be prevented.

On the occasion of National Doctors' Day, the CM participated in an event to honour the medical service providers. There, he mentioned that only a few of 50,000 eligible individuals turned up to take the second dose. He further added that non-vaccinated people increase the risk of spread for the people around them too. No matter what caste or creed a person belongs to, it is important to make him/her understand that vaccination cannot be avoided.

Social awareness & agility, the need of the hour!

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In view of the anticipations around the third wave, the Goa government is trying to undertake streamlined interventions. Thereby, the authorities have been involved in the amplification of the available human resources through proper training. Besides, needed infrastructure is being developed and the medical supplies have also been increased. In addition to all these measures, social awareness and agility are critical for leveling a strong fight against the virus.

- With inputs from IANS

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