North Goa’s 9 nonpareil beaches for your next vacation

North Goa’s 9 nonpareil beaches for your next vacation

They city life can often get on your nerves and beaches are the best way to get in touch with the serene, alluring nature of the ocean. Not only that, sometimes, the endless stretch of white sand and the small pebbles make you wonder about the sands of time and how the world is full of magnificent charms at every corner. If you’re planning a trip to Goa or even a resident of the city of beaches, here are the best beaches in North Goa.

Anjuna Beach

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Often regarded as the best and most happening of beaches in North Goa, it is well known for its Bohemian culture and rave parties. The scenic Anjuna beach is nestled amidst some red stone pillars, a village and a Portuguese fort, all of which add to the enchanting aura of the place.

One of the main attractions of the beach village is the weekly Wednesday market. If you’re looking for some souvenirs to take back home, this is the place where you can get everything from jewellery to mirrorworks and even hookahs.

Baga Beach

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The beach is considered to the biggest in the state and it packs an adventure with every wave that crashes on the shore. Baga is full of tourists, jostling crowds and watersport operators who will make your visit a more adventurous one. You can go jet skiing, parasailing or banana riding to add some memorable events to your trips.

If you want to just laze with the ocean at your feet, you can lay at one of the many shacks and witness the sun set over the ocean in all its glory.

Calangute Beach

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Calangute is widely regarded as the queen of beaches and for a good reason. The main area of the beach is rather crowded and attracts a large crowd, but at the ends, the beach provides clear and sprawling views of the neverending ocean. At the beach, you can indulge in some water sports, shop til you drop or, if you’re feeling impulsive enough, maybe even get a tattoo.

The main attraction of the beach is that every year, there’s a set of different shops and eating joints. This makes for a unique experience and a different slice of Goa everytime.

Candolim Beach

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This beach is one of the more reserved and quaint beaches of the state. It is even connected to Sinquerim beach, so if you keep walking along the shore, you may just come across it. Just adjacent to the beach is the mighty Fort Aguada, which holds immense historical significance for Goa and has seen various eras over the years. The best part about the beach is the texture- which is half sandy, half pebble, making for a very unique looking sea shore.

Mandrem Beach

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In case you’re visiting Goa for a longer time, Mandrem beach is a must visit. The beach has a lot to offer. There are small huts where you can take a relaxing nap and wake up to the fresh aromas of salty water and freshly made seafood. Apart from that, the beach is an abode for the many kinds of sea birds that pop up here. If you’re here you might just catch some white bellied fish eagles taking flight into the sunset after catching their prey.

Morjim Beach

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This beach is one of the cleanest that you can find in Goa. Perhaps the reason for this is that it is less frequented and not a very well known beach. The beach is so unpolluted that it often becomes a natural habitat to turtles, who build their homes there and even lay eggs at the beach. Another unique feature of the beach is that you can even go kite surfing from here, which will add excitement to the trip and want you coming back for more.

Ashwem Beach

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Well known for providing some of the most scenic views of the ocean, Ashwem beach is a must visit. The beach perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Goa and it’s beaches because of the neverending white sand and the harmony between the land the ocean. There are some great shacks and eating joints which offer some authentic Goan cuisine and a splash of the sea on your plate. The beach is perfect if you want to find a cozy spot and find tranquility as the waves crash on to the shore.

Arambol Beach

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One of the fastest growing beaches in terms of popularity, it is sure to make you marvel at the boundless ocean. The waters here are safe and well guarded, meaning you can take a relaxing swim with the fish, your friends and your family. In fact, as you are about to enter the beach, you’ll be greeted by a thick cover of cashew trees. One of the main attractions of the place is that you can take a boat ride to say hello to the many dolphins that reside here.

Miramar beach

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Featuring alluring views of the blue sea, Miramar beach is the best place to watch the sun set over the sea. The beach offers enchanting views of fort Aguada, which adds to the otherworldly vibes of the place. You can even take a tour around the fort to get some Instagram worthy pictures. Another attraction of Miramar Beach is that you can even lay on the sand and do some bird watching. The beach is also the point where Mandovi River blends in with the Arabian sea, so be sure to not miss this one.

You may be a resident of Goa or just a visitor, but you definitely need a trip to the beaches to experience the best of nature and calm your senses. Let us know which ones you visited out of the lot.

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