Old Goa Medical College at Ribandar to be refurbished into a 30-bedded PHC

Old Goa Medical College at Ribandar to be refurbished into a 30-bedded PHC

The Health Ministry is determined to provide superior medical care through the PHC and not merely a namesake

The Government of Goa has decided to convert the old Goa Medical College Building in Ribander to a fully upgraded and equipped Primary Health Centre (PHC). This 30-bed facility will provide excellent treatment and amenities of medical emergencies to the residents of Ribandar, Chimbel, Merces, Divar, Old Goa and surrounding areas. This new medical institution will be an integrated set-up of the Goa Medical College and the Directorate of Health Services which will provide facilities of diagnostic care, mobile X-ray machine and ultrasound machines, among others.

A new PHC at Ribander Goa Medical College

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The Chief Minister assured the delegation of the Ribandar Health Care Committee under the guidance of coorporator Rupesh Halankar, that a 24x7 health and medicare facilities would be soon set up at the old Ribandar hospital. The Health Ministry is determined to set up an institution that excels in providing superior medical care, not merely a namesake, providing all facilities under one roof, under regular inspections and visits by the senior resident doctors from GMC.

The Health Minister stated that health is important and indispensable, however, the process of refurbishing the poor and dilapidated building has been delayed due to the present conditions of a raging pandemic. Expressing his concern with respect to the state of the building, the Health Minister also stated that he will request the Chief Minister to inspect the premises himself and issue direct orders accordingly. He refused to give a deadline before the inspection of the CM, nevertheless, shared the idea of the future expansion of the 30-bed facility.

Besides the Health Minister, a Panjim MLA, GMC Dean Dr Shivanand Bandekar, DHS Director and others also inspected the hospital building.The Panjim MLA expressed deep concern on the fact that Ribander has been treated with neglect despite being a part of Panjim and stressed that a medical facility is the need of the hour. The MLA also requested the CM for the assistance of Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd or Goa State Infrastructure Development Limited to further the work of conversion and re-vamping.

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