Party, Chill and lounge away your Goa vacay at ‘I Love Bell Bottoms’ with 70’s retro vibe

Party, Chill and lounge away your Goa vacay at ‘I Love Bell Bottoms’ with 70’s retro vibe

Nestled couple of kilometers away from small Vagator Beach in North Goa, is any retro lovers dream vacation spot I love Bell Bottoms. I love Bell Bottoms is a boutique resort inspired by the most fun era in history, the 70s and 80s. The resort is styled to encapsulate the wild parties and fun vibe of the golden era where everything is drenched in vibrant colours and the fun never ends.

For the Heart

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Though not right on the beach, I love Bell Bottoms is hardly 2km away from from Vagator, it’s location also puts the major pubs and party destinations of Goa within a 2 kilometer radius.

We went to the resort with a preconceived notion of it being a little on the nose, which it was. But what we did not expect was the enthralling way in which the decor and the vibe here instantly lightened the mood. The property here, takes you on a fun ride down the memory lane, it is extremely nostalgic. The violin shaped swimming pool, the colourful gym, mosaic tiling on the floor, the extensive use of fresh and vibrant colours and finally the jazzy lights are a definite pick me up.

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Do not make the mistake of thinking that the vibe is only restricted to the surface of the resort. Rooms here carry forward the same eccentricity, the colours and the decor truly capture 70s and 80s. From the vintage colour tube televisions to the rotating dial telephone as intercoms, we found several such small details which transported us to the golden era.

For the Taste Buds

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The food here was as bright as the decor. The variety of Indian food blew us away. We were served some desi butter chicken and naan and we absolutely loved it, the chicken tikka was tender and flavourful, while the dal makhani was smooth as butter and had a delicious kick of spices to it.

For desserts we were served a blueberry cheesecake with ice cream and it was an absolute delight. The cheesecake was creamy-smooth and the ice cream cooling, both complementing each other perfectly. We would recommend trying out the Indian here, it is worth the visit alone.

Knock Knock

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We would highly recommend the place for its fun interiors and whimsical decor. Our stay was quite comfortable and relaxing, the staff was cordial and friendly while the location made it easy for us to hit the parties around. The only shortcoming was that the unavailability of fresh juices, other than that, you are sure to have the time of your life here.

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