Perfect time to plan your weekend trip with these 52 new summer trains on Mumbai-Goa route

Perfect time to plan your weekend trip with these 52 new summer trains on Mumbai-Goa route

Always thought about visiting Goa but the plan always fail? Well, you can now bid adieu to all these issues because Indian Railways is coming up with 52 new trains from Mumbai to Goa this summer season. With the help of these new trains, you can get to planning your trip in no time. Bookings for the trains are already up and running.

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The need for new trains?

Currently, trains running from Mumbai to Goa are usually crowded and it is rather hard to get reservations. With the summers coming up, tourists often flock to the beach state to get a relief from the harsh sun and the everyday city life. The upcoming trains will not only increase the number of options that people can choose from but also help the tourism in Goa as a whole.

Details of the trains

Tickets for the new trains have been available since 16th March, 2019 and can be booked at ticket counters or the IRCTC website. Each of the trains will run on different weekly slots, which means that a different set of trains will be plying between the two areas over the course of a few weeks.

Train no 01051 will take close to 12 hours, and will ply between Mumbai and Karmali (Goa) and Sawantwadi in Maharashtra. There are eight weekly trips between Mumbai to Karmali in Goa. The train will run from May 17 to June 7 on all Fridays. The down train, Train no 01052 from Karmali will run on every Sunday. It will leave Karmali at 12.50 pm and arrive at LTT at 12.20 am the next day. This will run between May 19 to June 9.

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Another train will be a weekly special train which will run on all Sundays. The train will be available from May 18 to June 8. Apart from this, there is also a Friday special train that will begin operations in April. Additionally, there will be 18 other such weekly special trains to help with commute options for travellers.

The addition of the new trains to the fleet will definitely come as an advantage for vacation seekers and those who are often unable to book tickets in time. As of now, tickets can be booked online and offline. Owing to these new trains, there’s no reason to miss out on that trip you always wanted to go to.

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