Presenting the best of the picturesque state, Altinho Hill is Goa's colourful treasure!

The hills embody a different kind of beauty making them a magnet for lovers of offbeat adventures.

Won't you be enamoured by a place that presents a resplendent picture of the scenic Goa? If that's a yes, then plan a ride to the spectacular Altinho Hill and enjoy an alluring view of the city from the edges of the hilltop. Situated in the surrounding regions of Panaji, Altinho Hill is a much-respected locality that contains elite housing complexes like the Archbishop's palace, the Chief Minister's house, All India Radio Station and homes of some senior government servants.

Bishop's palace, one of the most loved attractions in Goa

Altinho Hills date back to the last decades of the nineteenth century. The hill has two sections, one is the Emidio Gracia Road on the right and the other is a way leading to the Fontainhas suburb. Amongst all the attractions offered by Altinho Hill, the bishop's palace is a highlight. When the archbishop of Goa first landed during the 20th century, he wanted to stay at the Cabo Raj Bhawan but it could not be materialised. So, he resided at the Altinho Hills making this palace an inseparable part of history and heritage. When Pope visited India in 1999, he also stayed here, further increasing the significance of this place.

A magnet for offbeat travelers

Altinho's elevated land provides a scintillating skyline with the skyrocketing towers of All India Radio station and Television Relay Center. Additionally, the Maruti Temple lying on the hill slopes, which is decorated with designs in multiple colours, is a must-visit spot here. All in all, the hills embody a different kind of beauty making them a magnet for lovers of offbeat adventures. Your stroll to Altinho hill would be incomplete if you miss the closely located attractions like the Portuguese Consulate, Fountainhas, Goa Kala Academy and Panjim Church amongst others.

Knock Knock

Though Goa is famous for its pompous revelry, tourists sometimes may desire moments of serenity too. That's when locations like the Altinho Hill shine bright, serving as an easy escape. So, if you are looking for one novel experience while in Goa, make sure to include this soothing place in your itinerary.

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